Clinician fitting a filtering facepiece respirator

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Fit testing is a critical part of your respiratory protection program. Learn more about fit testing and resources available to ensure your team’s safety.

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Fit Testing FAQs

Explore the Technical Bulletin for answers to many of the fit testing questions we receive most often.


Additional Fit Testing Resources

Respiratory Protection Resources

  • With supply challenges around the world, many facilities are looking for ways to optimize their equipment supply. Read more information on use and reuse of filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs).

  • We know you have questions related to PPE. We’re here to provide guidance on the different types of PPE, understanding proper use and helping to protect your skin from prolonged PPE use.

  • From disposable and reusable respirators to powered air-purifying respirators, explore the range of respiratory protection options that are available for use in healthcare environments.

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